Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi. Image via: @SAgovnews / Twitter

UIF and TERS submissions: Labour Centres open to assist with queries

As of Monday 1 June, Labour Centres have opened to assist with queries regarding standard UIF benefits, as well as the COVID-19 TERS benefit.


Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi. Image via: @SAgovnews / Twitter

As of Monday 1 June, Labour Centres have opened primarily to assist clients with queries and applications for Normal UIF benefits as well as COVID-19 TERS benefit queries.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), according to Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi, is making good progress on capturing and processing May COVID-19 relief benefits applications. As of Monday 1 June, a total of R1 billion has already been processed for payment for 252 378 workers represented by 26 648 employers through the TERS relief scheme. 

At the same time, the Fund has also processed and paid R 331 530 550.90 for 79 507 workers represented by 13 503 employers which is part of the outstanding payments for April.

The temporary employer/employee relief scheme, otherwise known as TERS, is there to help employers pay their workers during what is an unstable time due to the pandemic. 


The department encourages the use of their online services for clients to be serviced remotely and avoid over-crowding, as well as, the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

Clients should note that a register must be maintained to capture details of all clients entering the building, their contact numbers and physical addresses. During the COVID-19 period, it is critical to have these details in order to conduct contact tracing, should the need arise. 

The client service centres:  

  • Will be re-configured to ensure social distancing;
  • All clients must wear masks as they enter the premises to be served; 
  • All queueing should adhere to the 1.5-metre social distancing protocol – which will be clearly marked on the floor; and
  • All points of entry into the buildings will have hand sanitiser, disposable towels, waste bins and digital non-contact thermometers. 


The new enhanced system which kicked into gear last week will make it easy to resubmit applications because in cases where the information has not changed, the claim will be processed immediately on confirmation by the employer.

If the information has changed, employers will still be required to capture employee’ details directly on the system or attach the CSV file. 

Salient features of the updated system: 

  • Retrieval of submitted applications for April to make necessary corrections on the rejected application, and re-submit for April payments; 
  • Enables faster processing of applications where there is no change of information submitted for the April application; and
  • Where information has changed, employers will be required to capture employee’s details directly on the system or attach the CSV file. 

Documents to be attached for the May submissions: 

  • Proof of TERS payment to employees for April eg: electronic bank statements, a letter of acknowledgement of payment between employer and employee; 
  • Re-upload employer bank confirmation letter or latest bank statement; 
  • Signed approval or acceptance letter for April payments between employer and employee; 
  • Proof of refund for overpayment, where applicable. 

Nxesi said the UIF is working around the clock to ensure that the outstanding payments are processed as soon as possible. Payments this time around should be a lot quicker as the UIF already has the details for most of the claimants.


Excluding the R1 billion that is in the pipeline for payment for May claims, the UIF has paid more than R16.5 billion (R16 559440 404.28) for the benefit of 3 290 625 workers represented by 279 111 employers. 

Of this amount, R442 million has been paid through direct deposits to 99 269 workers’ bank accounts. The claims were submitted by 6 374 employers.

“As we indicated when we addressed the country last Friday, we are committed to ensuring that to the extent possible, the department through the UIF plays its role in shielding workers from the worst effects of the pandemic. We are doing this by providing cash payments to workers who may have found themselves in the lurch as a result of lockdown. The payments have been significant in saving at least 3 million workers from poverty,” said Nxesi.

“I have been assured that we would realise significant improvements in terms of payment turnaround time from claim submission. Already, with all the information supplied, the UIF was able to pay some claim in 24 hours at best or 48 at worst which is far more from when we started around April 16,” added Nxesi.

For further information, log on to the website here or reach the UIF on the toll-free number 0800-030-007.