Julius Malema AfriForum EFF

(Julius Malema / Photo supplied: blouinnews)

Pay back the money: Here’s how much cash the EFF still owe AfriForum

After AfriForum brought a contempt of court case against the EFF in 2017, their legal battles have been very one-sided. We look at what’s still outstanding on Malema’s bill.

Julius Malema AfriForum EFF

(Julius Malema / Photo supplied: blouinnews)

AfriForum have revealed that Julius Malema and the EFF have paid the second portion of what they owe to the so-called civil rights group.

The red berets have now accounted for two of the five court orders made against them, which instruct them to foot the bill for costs incurred in their legal battles with their political nemeses.

EFF vs AfriForum in court – a complete history

In fact, AfriForum are currently 5-0 up against Juju and the gang when it comes to winning court cases. Since March 2017, Malema has repeatedly failed to observe a ruling that he must stop calling for land grabs. After being sued for contempt of court, the CIC was also ordered to pay costs for failed appeals and numerous interdicts.

On top of that, the EFF went on to lose two court cases within a few hours against AfriForum last year. Failed appeals against another contempt of court judgement as well as an unsuccessful appeal to prevent seizures of property belonging to the red berets (like a land grab, but with possessions…) saw their legal bills mount.

What the EFF still owe AfriForum

The second six-figure payment the EFF have made to AfriForum comes in at R108 960. Added to the R126 703.59 that was deposited in November, Malema and his party have so far paid back R235 664.38. However, they’re not even half-way towards covering their full debt.

AfriForum estimates that another R315 000 is needed to settle the R550 000 bill. In an official statement published on Sunday, the group explained what payments are still to come:

“The payments that Malema and the EFF made to AfriForum this week and on 13 November were to settle cost orders that had been issued on 12 September 2017 and 18 February 2018, respectively.”

“Malema and the EFF are currently appealing the interdict that AfriForum obtained against them on 7 March 2017, while the two cost orders of 14 November 2018 must still be assessed.”

AfriForum statement

Bankruptcy calls

AfriForum’s CEO Kallie Kriel has called for Julius Malema and the EFF to be declared bankrupt if they fail to account for the rest of the cash they owe. In December, Juju faced a separate court case where he argued that land grabs should be legalised. Despite all the trouble it’s landed him in so far, Malema remains unrepentant.