albert fritz

Photo: ANA/Tracey Adams

How has the DA responded to the Albert Fritz allegations?

The DA have installed a new provincial leader and an acting safety MEC has been installed in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against Fritz

albert fritz

Photo: ANA/Tracey Adams

Following bombshell accusations of sexual assault and the swift suspension  Western Cape DA leader Albert Fritz on Sunday evening, Premier Alan Winde has shed more light on the developing situation

Winde said in a statement on Monday afternoon that he has appointed Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais, as the acting Minister of Community Safety in Fritz’ absence, adding that the nature of the allegations against the Community Safety Minister are serious enough to warrant extreme caution when divulging information to the public. 

The DA has installed Deputy Leader, Minister Tertuis Simmers, as acting leader “for the time being”.

Premier Alan Winde elaborated on Albert Fritz case

In the statement, Winde said that the situation is currently too sensitive for him to fully explain the scope of the allegations against Fritz, who was installed as DA leader in the Western Cape last year on an interim basis. 

“I know there have been many questions raised around the nature of the allegations which resulted in the suspension of Minister Fritz. It is always my preference to be open and transparent with residents of the province and the media,” said Winde. 

“In this case, however, noting specific requests by the complainants for confidentiality, the seriousness of the allegations made and the rights of all parties to a fair and unprejudiced investigation into the veracity of the claims made, I may not do so at this stage.”

“I assure you that I am treating this matter with the seriousness it deserves and I will provide further updates as soon as I am able to.”

DA say MEC will cooperate with investigation

Winde added that now is not the time for political parties to act in an opportunistic fashion. 

“Finally, I have noted many rumours and reports by individuals who wish to politicise this matter. I will not play politics with the wellbeing of people and would like to urge anyone who views this matter as a political football to show restraint, especially in consideration of the requests made by the complainants and the rights of all to a fair process,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the DA has accepted the suspension of their member, saying in a statement that they await the outcomes of an investigation into the allegations that Fritz sexually assaulted a junior staffer. 

“The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape has accepted the request from Provincial Leader, Mr Albert Fritz, to step down from his position as Western Cape Provincial Leader until the completion of the investigation into allegations levelled against him,” said Jaco Londt, DA Provincial Chairperson, adding that Fritz will offer his “full cooperation” while the investigation is ongoing.