hill view stabbing limpopo student stabbed

Photo: Pixabay/ValynPi14

Hill View stabbing: six-year-old girl reportedly attacked by boy, 10

The six-year-girl is allegedly in Red Cross “with a fractured skull”.

hill view stabbing limpopo student stabbed

Photo: Pixabay/ValynPi14

A six-year-old girl from Hillview, Cape Town is in a critical condition after she was allegedly stabbed in the head by a 10-year-old boy. Here’s what we know

Hillview stabbing: 6-year-old girl critical

Stabbed by 10-year-old boy

The news was initially shared on Facebook by Western Cape Gangwatch. The girl was reportedly stabbed on Sunday 21 March:

“She was stabbed in her head in a park in Hill view yesterday. She fell and the knife went in deeper”.

As per the Facebook post, the 10-year-old boy “pulled the knife out and ran”. The girl is currently in Red Cross “with a fractured skull and blood clots on the brain.”

We reached out for confirmation and will update this article when additional information is received.


Posted by Western Cape Gangwatch on Monday, 22 March 2021

South Africans react

One Facebook user, Susan Lawrence, wrote that “it is a norm in the area”, adding:

“That is a norm in the area I can’t fathom how they in any case can let the kids play in the park knowing there is so much shooting going on there but the point is a little child got badly hurt and the parents in that areas do not want to know anything of their kids wrongdoing”.

Another netizen said the “same pattern is happening in Eastridge Smarty Town”, adding that “small kids [are] acting like barbarians. Hill View resident Hilary Herwel October writes:

“I live in Hillview, and you people would be shocked to see how rude and disrespectful those mother’s children are! I’m talking young kids under 10. Little gangster skollie kids. I rather keep my son inside our property. It’s a sad, sad situation”.

Hilary Herwel October