Hijacking trends in South Africa

Here are some hijacking trends to look out for ahead of the festive season. Image:Stock/Canva

Hijacking trends: The where, how’s and when?

The festive season is right around the corner and so is a spike in crime. Here are detailed hijacking trends to look out for before traveling

Hijacking trends in South Africa

Here are some hijacking trends to look out for ahead of the festive season. Image:Stock/Canva

In a recent report by Business Tech, South Africa is facing a concerning surge in hijackings, reaching an unprecedented annual peak.

According to the South African Police Service’s official crime statistics, reported carjackings surged by 8% in the 2022–23 period, totaling a staggering 22 742 cases.

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This alarming trend has left motorists apprehensive about their road safety, particularly during the festive season.

Insurance group Infiniti expressed the growing concern among travelers, stating, “Car hijacking has become a nightmare for motorists as the perpetrators use different modus operandi every year.”

The current wave of hijackings reveals a shift in tactics, with criminals specifically targeting drivers of high-value vehicles.

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Fidelity, a security group, previously identified Toyota Prados, Toyota Landcruisers, Hilux bakkies, and Fortuner SUVs as prime targets.

Beyond the theft of vehicles, victims now face additional risks.Victims are now forced to transfer large amounts of cash via banking apps.

This trend, called “banking app kidnapping,” sees victims being kidnapped and forced into app transactions.

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Criminals turning hijackings into kidnappings is a concerning pattern, aiming for more money. Infiniti warns of traumatic consequences, advising caution and coverage.


Insurance firms now require high-value car owners to install two tracking devices. Infiniti advises prompt compliance and emphasizes reading policies for coverage details.

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Beyond financial risks, personal injury dangers arise if a hijacking goes wrong. Experts collectively urge motorists to stay vigilant and report suspicious activities, ensuring safe travel during the holiday season against growing threats on South African roads.

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