‘Hey International Criminal Co

‘Hey International Criminal Court, you can’t sit with us,’ ANC

The ruling party has, in light of their criminal refusal to arrest the criminal Omar Al Bashir, bashed the ICC, saying it’s no longer a useful organisation.

‘Hey International Criminal Co

So here’s the deal. There’s this kief organisation called the United Nations and, South Africa under Jan Smuts was one of the core founding members. Now, almost all members of the United Nations are expected to sign the Rome Statute, compelling them to adhere to international laws as set out by the United Nations and implemented by the International Criminal Court. History lesson done.

Now see, there’s this guy called Omar al-Bashir, who sanctioned the genocide of around 300 000 Sudanese during the Darfur conflict before the splitting up of Sudan into North and South. So, after all these folks died the ICC – charged with upholding the rule of law globally and holding world leaders to account – moved for the arrest of al-Bashir and, well now here’s the humdinger, all signatories of the Rome Statute are compelled to arrest him and get his murdering ass to the Hague to stand trial for killing all those people.

South Africa has, in the past, avoided having to arrest the murderer by warning him not to come to Mzanzi, but he did and now we’re in a bit of a pickle. Normally, a world leader would have no reservations about arresting a mass-murderer and sending him off to trial; but Jacob Zuma, for some unknown reason, doesn’t want to do that… even after the ICC has ordered the South African government to arrest the man.

Look, this isn’t your run of the mill arrest warrant issued by an alcoholic judge with a chip on his shoulder. This is an international organisation made up of some of the greatest legal minds the world has produced, set up to enforce law and order globally.

The ANC’s response, according to News24: “The National Executive Committee of the African National Congress holds a view that the ICC is no longer useful for the purposes for which it was intended”

The ruling party went on to say that “Countries, mainly in Africa and Eastern Europe, who due to their unwavering commitment to upholding human rights and universal justice, have elected to be signatories to the ICC, continue to unjustifiably bear the brunt of the decisions of the ICC with Sudan being the latest example.”

Nuff said.