Image via: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

Herman Mashaba dismisses racism claims over colleague’s “EFF views”

Herman Mashaba has reacted to allegations he mounted “race-based attack” against a DA colleague, after challenging their views on the EFF and black people.


Image via: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

Herman Mashaba has once again took the fight to the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), after one of their contributors shared a message which showed the mayor chastising a white DA councillor ‘for hating all black people’, and not just EFF members as the “offender” had previously claimed.

Herman Mashaba accused of “racism” by IRR

The WhatsApp message was posted online on Wednesday. The internal communication shows Herman Mashaba giving a royal dressing-down to a member the DA’s caucus. He spoke about the damage some of his views were doing to the party, and outright accused his colleague of racism:

“I must caution people like [this DA representative] to stop his open hatred for black people, because it will make it difficult to attract these type of voters – especially poor ones. His comments and behaviour, as far as I’m concerned, have lead to this lack of trust from black voters.

“His hatred is not just for the EFF, it is black people in general. He once made a statement in our caucus that the party should focus on tax-paying residents only. Please note that many of our people cannot pay taxes due to the years of oppression prior to 1994, worsened by the ANC’s failure afterwards.”

Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba stands firm on “EFF / black people” claims against councillor

Since the message was leaked, Herman Mashaba has reacted in a very robust manner. He has dismissed that the outburst was in anyway “racially-motivated”, as suggested by Hermann Pretorius – you may remember that name, it’s the IRR columnist who reckons Mmusi Maimane needs to be booted out.

In his retort, the Mayor of Johannesburg doubled-down on his position, suggesting that the communication shows his own hatred for racism. Mashaba also implored Pretorius to post another message he sent to the caucus, which apparently adds more context to the situation. The IRR campaigns co-ordinator was also accused of infiltrating the party’s private WhatsApp groups:

“Please circulate this as widely as possible to demonstrate my hatred for Racists, and your preparedness to protect them. What do you expect me to call you? You don’t just hate and fear EFF, but rather fear DA advancing the poor, especially Blacks. That is your problem.”

“[Hermann Pretorius] must circulate my other communication immediately after this one. Demonstrate your full and honest commitment to fight for your cause. I shall await with great anticipation.”

Herman Mashaba

Julius Malema has had a butcher’s

Meanwhile, to ensure the pot would be stirred fully, Julius Malema retweeted the screenshot of the communication to his 2.3 million Twitter followers on Wednesday. He was revelling in the drama that seems to have engulfed the DA, as factional battles over their partnerships with the EFF continue to upset some voters.