Herman Mashaba

(AsktheChiefJMPD / Twitter)

Herman Mashaba conducts bizarre arrest of man with severed cow heads

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba conducted his first citizen’s arrest on Monday. Few would have expected things to turn out how they did.

Herman Mashaba

(AsktheChiefJMPD / Twitter)

Johannesburg is a unique city in many, many ways. But never did we think we’d see the day where City Mayor Herman Mashaba performed a citizen’s arrest on a man carrying twenty severed cow heads.

That’s quite a sentence, there. Just take it in for a second…

Don’t have a cow: Herman Mashaba in bizarre citizen’s arrest

On his way home from work on Monday, Mashaba walked past a small business owner carrying his rather gruesome trolley. Realising that this method of transporting meat was illegal, he apprehended the man in question. However, it also emerged that the man Mashaba arrested was an “undocumented person”.

It didn’t take long for the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) to arrive on the scene -at the corner of Harrison and Smit street – and they charged the apprehended vendor for causing a serious health hazard.

Herman Mashaba was so thrilled by this macabre encounter, he put it all on his Twitter feed. Yes, this does contain some graphic images of a mayor stood next to a trolley full of cow heads. So, be warned:

Herman Mashaba criticised for citizen’s arrest

The mayor was, however, accused of “killing small businesses” by reacting with such heavy-handed force. He didn’t take too kindly to that accusation, and he responded in typically robust fashion:

“There is a huge difference between chaos and running business. Our country can ill afford the health breakdown of unknown diseases. We are [not] going to sit back and allow people to bring us Ebolas (sic) in the name of small business. Health of our people first: Our health facilities are already stretched to the limit.”

It’s not every day you see the mayor of the country’s biggest performing a citizen’s arrest, yet here we are. It’s a story so bizarre, it could only be South African. “Moo-ve over”, Bheki Cele – there might just be another crime-fighting politician ready to fill your boots.