Diwali eThekwini

There are a number of regulations to follow to ensure you are using fireworks safely in SA. Image: Nick / Pixabay

Here are South Africa’s laws on purchasing and using fireworks

Diwali and Guy Fawkes are slowly closing in and it’s always good to know your laws – here are the details about fireworks in SA…

Diwali eThekwini

There are a number of regulations to follow to ensure you are using fireworks safely in SA. Image: Nick / Pixabay

With Diwali and Guy Fawkes coming up soon many South Africans will start stocking up on fireworks. So what exactly are the country’s laws on the purchasing and usage of these items?

Well, it’s quite extensive. Besides the fact that fireworks are governed by the Explosives Act, there are also specific by-laws that regulate the explosive item.

According to the South African Police Service (SAPS), fireworks are regulated in terms of Section 30 of the Explosives Act, 1956. The SAPS also provides a list of ways to identify legitimate firework sellers as well as other important laws to keep in mind when using the item.

Purchasing fireworks

The SAPS says fireworks should be purchased from stores that are licensed and comply with the relevant sections of the Explosives Act. When you purchase your fireworks from a licenced store, you avoid using illegal fireworks, the SAPS says.

Legitimate fireworks dealer shops are identifiable by the signs “DEALER IN FIREWORKS” written in red letters in their shops. If a dealer does not have the sign lease report them immediately to the South African Police Service,” the SAPS said.

Regulations to keep in mind

The SAPS notes the following fireworks as illegal:

  • Indian Kings;
  • Square Bombs and;
  • Cherry bombs.

Users are told to stay away from the above fireworks and to report those selling them IMMEDIATELY.

Minors and fireworks

The SAPS states that in instances whereby minors are using fireworks, they must do so under the supervision of adults.

Those under the age of 16 are NOT allowed to purchase fireworks.

Areas where fireworks can be used

Fireworks can only be used in designated areas. They are not allowed to be set off in crowded areas or indoors. The SAPS also advises that users ensure their pets and neighbours’ pets are well secured.

Public spaces including parks, pavements, streets, shopping malls, restaurants, liquor stores and clothing retailers are off-limits for fireworks. Fireworks cannot be detonated within 200m of a hospital, clinic, petrol station, nursing home, old age home or animal welfare organisation.

Firework users who fail to comply with any of the above laws could face hefty fines or even time behind bars.

Fireworks will soon be seen in a number of areas in SA, here’s how to ensure you’re following the law. Image: Roman Paroubek / Pixabay

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