Health workers

Healther workers from Zimbabwe rejected by SA Health Ministry. Photo: File photo

Health workers from Zimbabwe rejected by Health Ministry

The Health Ministry has rejected health workers from Zimbabwe because their country is currently facing a staff crisis due to migration.

Health workers

Healther workers from Zimbabwe rejected by SA Health Ministry. Photo: File photo

The South African (SA) Health Ministry has rejected applications by Zimbabwean health workers seeking employment in SA on grounds that Zimbabwe is currently facing a staff crisis due to migration.

According to My Zimbabwe News, a number of health workers who had applied for jobs were rejected in a letter signed by the South Africa Public Health director of workplace management, Sindile Sodladla.


“The government of South Africa is obliged to adhere to all the relevant protocols between member States of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc), the African Union (AU) as well as World Health Organisation as it pertains to recruitment of health professionals from developing countries,” Sodladla wrote according to the publication.

He said that these agreements, protocols and recruitment codes were designed to prevent the uncontrolled recruitment of health professionals from countries where the public health system is faced with huge staff shortages, particularly with regard to health professional occupations.


A recent report has revealed that the Eastern Cape (EC) health department is severely short-staffed which has negatively affected the delivery of health services in the province.

The report is based on community monitoring conducted at 45 healthcare facilities across the Eastern Cape between April and June, with some additional monitoring in August and September.

The report found 133 vacancies in 28 clinics and according to facility managers interviewed as part of the monitoring, the most commonly understaffed categories were professional nurses, enrolled nurses, cleaners, doctors, enrolled nurse assistants, and assistant pharmacists.

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The Migrant Workers’ Association-South Africa (MWA-SA) chairman Butholezwe Nyathi said they were appalled this regulation that was adopted by the apartheid regime and which seeks to limit the international freedom of movement by the people.

“We wonder whether the leadership of the South African government and Sadc is pleased with the movement of the healthcare staff to the Western countries whereas they could be remaining in Africa to serve African people,” he reportedly said.

His counterpart from the Zimbabwe Nurses Association president Enoch Dongo, the prevention of free movement across the region was against the Sadc and AU protocols.