John Steenhuisen Ukraine

John Steenhuisen ukraine

‘He left a war zone in his backyard’: Steenhuisen’s Ukraine visit SLAMMED

South Africans have called out DA leader John Steenhuisen for neglecting problems that are right on the party’s doorstep

John Steenhuisen Ukraine

John Steenhuisen ukraine

DA leader John Steenhuisen’s visit to Ukraine has been met with much criticism from South Africans.

Steenhuisen is on a fact-finding mission in the embattled country and is meeting with business leaders, government officials, ordinary citizens and also visit refugee camps. Steenhuisen has said that the aim of the trip is to understand the situation on the ground himself, as opposed to depending on media reports.

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But both John Steenhuisen and the DA have been called out for apparently neglecting problems that are right on their doorstep – gang violence and other crimes in the DA-run City of Cape Town, as well as countries that have suffered on the same scale as Ukraine.

“The Cabo Delgado region in Mozambique has been under attack since 2019; there have been deadly protests in eSwatini in the quest for Democracy – John Steenhuisen has never been there neither did his party show interest. But he goes on a fact finding mission to Ukraine?,” said on Twitter user.

While another wrote: “I wonder when will CPT coloureds realize that the DA doesn’t give a damn about their socio economic issues & that the only reason they havent been kicked out is because they’re just there to only make them richer? John Steenhuisen would rather fly overseas than visit Cape Flats”

Here is what other people have said:

It was in February that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops to storm neighbouring Ukraine and attack key structures. Thousands of civilians are reported to have died, while at least 3.5 million others were forced to flee to other countries, including Poland and Hungary.

Russia’s invasion has now morphed into a humanitarian crisis and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been pleading with the international community for its assistance. The Kremlin has been on the receiving end of sanctions ever since, with at least hundreds of corporations having halted or even close operations in Russia, as a form of condemnation for what is unfolding.

The DA has been open about the fact that it isn’t pleased with the South African government’s response to the invasion, something which may have influenced Steenhuisen’s trip to Ukraine.