YouTuber destroys Ferrari

YouTuber destroys Ferrari. Picture: WhistlinDiesel on Instagram.

HAY, you’re on fire! YouTuber destroys FERRARI worth R7 million

He doesn’t look like he wants for money but watching as this YouTuber destroys Ferrari’s F8 Tributo is still painful.

YouTuber destroys Ferrari

YouTuber destroys Ferrari. Picture: WhistlinDiesel on Instagram.

It’s pretty simple really, ‘YouTuber destroys Ferrari’ is the sort of hook that’ll probably go viral and get you beeeg hits if you make a living posting videos online.

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Nevertheless, watching as YouTuber WhistlinDiesel goes about destroying a R7 million Ferrari F8 Tributo – deliberately or not – is still painful.


As you can see from his idiotic video, he was just taking his new multi-million Rand, mid-engined Ferrari for a hoon through some fields down past his house. He had his entourage filming from a rental and van, you know, for the Tube. And, boom …

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You numbskull, that’s hay you’re driving on. And hay is highly combustible at the best of times. You might not know this, readers, but that’s why farmers keep hay bales in piles far apart from one another in a big field. If you stack too many, too close, or indoors, they WILL ignite.


YouTuber destroys Ferrari
Picture: Screengrab from WhistlinDiesel on YouTube.

After, I dunno, a few seconds, all that loose hay has clogged up the front of the YouTuber’s Ferrari. It’s gathered ahead of the rear wheels, too, where that high-performance engine sits generating, you know, heat.

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The Ferrari F8 is made from carbon fibre and aluminium and, you guessed it, those are both highly flammable materials, too. No wonder the car went up like a pack of firelighters in just a couple of seconds.

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We can appreciate that ‘YouTuber destroys Ferrari’ is the type of content youngsters can’t get enough of nowadays. After all, the video has garnered 8.6 million views in just two weeks. But sacrificing a R7 million Ferrari in the process is not cool, guy, NOT COOL.

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