Hawks bust a

An advocate was arrested for corruption. Image: pexel

Hawks officials arrested for allegations of corruption

On 7 September 2023, two Hawks officials namely a Sergeant and a Captain were arrested for corruption allegations.

Hawks bust a

An advocate was arrested for corruption. Image: pexel

Two Hawks officials aged between 41 and 43 at the rank of a Sergeant and Captain were arrested for allegations of corruptiion.

They were arrested on 7 September 2023 by the Hawks’ Serious Corruption Investigation and Serious Organized Crime Investigation, both stationed in Mthatha.

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What did the Hawks officials do?

It is claimed that on 31 July 2023, the complainant received a call from the suspect who identified himself as a Hawks official with the rank of a Captain in Gauteng who wanted to meet the complainant because the Department of Labour had filed a complaint against his company. The same employee allegedly called the complainant again on 4 August 2023 and demanded R400 000, which the complainant allegedly claimed not to have.

The complainant added that on 5 September 2023, he received a call from the same official setting up a meeting in Mthatha and instructing him to provide R50,000 so that the docket could be destroyed, concluding the matter.

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What was found in their possession when they were arrested?

The suspects were detained right after the transaction as a result of an undercover operation that was carried out after the complainant reported the incident to the Hawks. They had R10,000 in their possession, which was discovered.

The Provincial Head Major General Mboiki Obed Ngwenya expressed his satisfaction on the swift response of the joint operation as such conduct by our own bring the name of the Hawks into disrepute.

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“We shall continue to act without favour, fear or prejudice,” he said.

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