Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA

A character from the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Photo: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 6? Rockstar FINALLY confirms new GTA game

YES! After YEARS of waiting.
The developers of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) videogames have finally confirmed that a NEW game is on its way.

Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA

A character from the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Photo: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto is a game that is not just synonymous with people all over the world. It’s HUGELY loved by the South African video gaming community. From standing in line at Musica stores trying to get your hands on GTA: San Andreas for PS2, to playing GTA online with your friends. Driving around the various in game-cities has been loved by even the most casual South African gamer. Now, we finally have an official word about the new (not new version of GTA V) GTA game.

When will Grand Theft Auto 6 be released?

Ok, hold up one second. It’s been almost 10 years since Rockstar Games released the original version of Grand Theft Auto V. The game first launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013!

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Rockstar this week announced that an enhanced version of the game will be launching on new generation consoles. The constant push for more and more GTA V remakes has pissed a lot of fans off. Rockstar seemed to finally catch wind, and has now spoken about a brand new story for the first time.

Yes, “active development” is already well underway for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

“Many of you have been asking about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. With every new project, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we’ve previously delivered. We’re pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the series is underway. We look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready. On behalf of our entire team, we thank you all for your support and cannot wait to step into the future with you!

Rockstar Games

So while we still have no idea when this game will come out. The internet has still gone absolutely beserk (in a good way) at even getting some sort of update.

Where is the new GTA set?

Some internet sleuths have decided that the last three words of that Rockstar statement are a clear indication of where the new game will be set. A Grand Theft Auto videogame set in the FUTURE? Could that work? Would that be too cheesy and make the game flop? Or is it the logical next step for the series.

Like Rockstar says, with every new GTA game, it has to move well beyond what has been delivered before. GTA V broke all the records last time, and still delivered three main playable characters. That was a huge advancement for the series. And it worked.

Many hardcore GTA fans have also long hoped for a game set on the streets of London. But there are some concerns too. The departure of Dan Houser from Rockstar and parent company TakeTwo has raised eyebrows. Houser was the main writer and driving force of the Grand Theft Auto games. He also started Rockstar with his brother Sam. Thankfully, Sam remains president of Rockstar Games.