Grim scene as coffins float to

Grim scene as coffins float to the surface after flooding in South Carolina [pictures]

South Carolina has experienced its worst flooding in 1000 years thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, but it’s not just the water damage people have to worry about anymore.

Grim scene as coffins float to

If you’ve watched The Walking Dead, Resident Evil or any zombie movie for that matter; this scene would give you the heebie-jeebies of note. Unfortunately for some folks in South Carolina, this is the reality they have to deal with on top of the devastation they’ve already experienced thanks to Joaquin.

The flooding is so bad that it’s forcing coffins up from the drenched soil and people are Tweeting them floating through the streets. Experts have warned that this could pose a health risk due to the various stages of decay in some of the corpses, but there are also the psychological effects that should be kept in mind.

Things are bad enough as it is without having to see something like this amid the chaos.

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Cover Image: Kim Boston via Mashable