Sea Point

(Dion Oliveira / Facebook)

City officials confirm the green liquid polluting Sea Point beach is toxic coolant

We can confirm swimming in these waters definitely won’t give you superpowers, either.

Sea Point

(Dion Oliveira / Facebook)

If you’ve taken a stroll down Sea Point promenade recently, you might have spotted a streak of green liquid running into the ocean.

It was first spotted about a week ago, with complaints laid on social media. After a brief investigation, the local government have given residents an update on the situation.

What is the green liquid on Sea Point beach?

No, it’s not some sort of tracing die or art installation. The City of Cape Town have confirmed that it’s liquid run-off used in commercial cooling systems.

Brett Herron, a transport and urban development mayoral committee member for COCT, confirmed their findings to News24:

“The City has identified various companies that both manufacture and use this substance in the servicing of commercial cooling systems but, as this investigation is ongoing, the City cannot release further detail at this stage.”

Herron also revealed that city officials would be distributing information packs to businesses in the area, to alert them to the dangers of illegally dumping their toxic waste. Because nothing can save the planet quite like a strongly-worded leaflet, hey?

The material gives instruction on the damage pollutants cause when syphoned off into the municipal stormwater system. It also informs readers about the right way to dispose of waste, and how to report “illegal dumping”.

Cape Town beach update: Clifton 1st off limits

However, this isn’t the only beachfront waste issue currently affecting Cape Town. Untreated sewage has been discovered in the waters of Clifton’s 1st beach.

The City of Cape Town’s Health Department issued an official warning on Wednesday, advising Clifton residents of the water contamination.

Cape Town city officials blame the leakage on a sewerage pipe blockage in the area. While municipal workers have identified the property harbouring the backlogged pipeline, they have been unable to gain access.

The Health Department has cautioned locals to stay out of the water until further notice.