Graphic video

Photo: Screenshot/video/NSPCA

Graphic video of ostriches killed by hail investigated by NSPCA [Watch]

Warning! Graphic video! The NSPCA is trying to trace the farm where a video was taken of dozens of ostriches that were killed by hail.

Graphic video

Photo: Screenshot/video/NSPCA

A graphic video showing dozens of ostriches killed by hail on a farm in Aberdeen, in the Eastern Cape, has been circulating on social media and has caught the attention of the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA).


The NSPCA said it was trying to trace the farm where the video was taken.

“The NSPCA is trying to trace on which farm in Aberdeen this cruelty took place. If you have any information about where this farm is, please contact 0795007416 urgently.”

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It said Aberdeen experienced adverse weather conditions, which included a heavy hail storm on 28th October 2021.

“When most people think of hail, what comes to mind is the fear of damage to their vehicles, which is unfortunate because, for us, our main concern is all the animals that are left without shelter.

“This video emphasizes why shelter is non-negotiable for animals that are expected to brave adverse weather conditions. These ostriches clearly did not have sufficient shelter under which to protect themselves, which resulted in so many of them dying or being left severely injured from the hail.”

The NSPCA furthermore urged the public to please report animals being kept outdoors without any shelter to your local SPCA.

“If you are unable to keep your pet indoors, please ensure that you have provided adequate shelter for your pet to protect themselves from the elements.”

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Earlier this week, an Edenville farmer, Heinz Theron suffered major losses on Monday after 300 of his sheep perished following a severe hailstorm in the area.

On Monday, the small township situated in the northern Free State experienced hail rain of 100 millimeters, which elevated to 1021 millibar pressure.

The Vrystaat Landbou’s Dr. Jack Armour told the media, the calculated loss of the herd is close to R500 000 to R600 000.