Granny bliksems robbers with a

Granny bliksems robbers with a pot and glass plates

Don’t miss with Habeba Fynn.

Granny bliksems robbers with a


Habeba Fynn, a 69-year old granny from Durban, takes no kak from skollies. IOL reports that when three robbers, one with a firearm, tried to enter her home after feeling another robbery, she fought them off with a pot and by throwing plates at them.

Fynn had just been outside to put something in the bin when she saw a man running towards her. She made it inside, but before she could lock the door, the robber was trying to force his way in.

“They were pushing the door. I held it with my right hand and shoulder. With my left hand, I grabbed a pot with oil in it from next to the kitchen sink. I flung the oil out of the pot on to them,” Fynn said.

Throughout the ordeal, she kept on screaming and when the pot slipped out of her hand, she started throwing glass plates.

“Every time the men ducked the blows it bought me time to hold on. I just let them have it. Eventually my daughter got up and screamed that she was fetching her gun. The men hesitated, but she repeated the bluff that if they did not move she would shoot.”

“If I had a stick I would have given them a good beating and a lesson not to interfere with a woman. Reading about crime daily I was fed up. They would not get into my house without killing me. Now I intend getting a hockey stick to crack some skulls next time,” she said.

“Visualising the guy holding the gun is scary. God protected me. I beat the enemy. That’s what we should all do, then they will leave us alone,” Fynn said.

Annet Drive, where Fynn lives, has been hardhit by crime recently and the police held a stakeout on Wednesday to try and apprehend some of the suspects. It paid off with one suspect arrested carrying a revolver and 19 bullets.