Limpopo Farmer

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Government ‘pulls wool’ over farmer’s eyes, sells him half of his own land

The DA says the government has been trying to blindside a Limpopo farmer after offering to sell him half of his own land.

Limpopo Farmer

Image via Unsplash

The Democratic Alliance (DA), released a statement on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 saying that the government has essentially conned a Limpopo farmer out of his land by offering to sell him half of it. 

DA MP and Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), Annette Steyn said: “The DA notes the belated and long overdue release of the deed of sale by the (DALRRD) to Mr David Rakgase, due to sustained pressure from the DA.”

This comes after the North Gauteng High Court judgment in September, compelled the state to sell the farm to Rakgase. The Court found that the state breached its constitutional duties in its handling of Rakgase’s attempts to buy the Nooitgedacht farm he had successfully worked for nearly 30 years.

Government offers farmer half of his land

The DA confirmed that DALRRD took almost two months to make an offer to Rakgase after the court decision, and it has now emerged that government has only offered to sell half of the farm to Rakgase. 

“The Department is clearly still in contempt of court as the High Court compelled the state to sell the entire farm to Mr. Rakgase,” said Steyn. 

“The DALRRD is attempting to pull wool over Mr. Rakgase’s eyes and clearly had no intention to comply with a court order, to sell the entirety of the Nooitgedacht farm to this deserving emerging farmer,” added Steyn. 

Land reform must benefit poor South Africans, says DA

The DA said they recognise land reform as a moral imperative and an emotive issue. 

“Unfortunately, the African National Congress (ANC) government has been failing to stick to the principle behind it, which is that land reform must benefit poor South Africans who were previously denied ownership by a wicked apartheid regime,” said Steyn. 

“It is immoral that the ANC government would try and drag Rakgase’s battle for ownership in this manner,” added Steyn. 

ANC looking to advance their narrow party political fortunes  

Steyn went on to say that the ANC only thinks of their advancements and not what is best for the country or its people. 

“The ANC only acts as if they care about land reform, but in reality, all they care about is keeping emerging black farmers in their control to advance their narrow party political fortunes,” said Steyn.  

“While the ANC government continues to deprive emerging black farmers of their full rights to ownership of their land, the DA will continue to fight for the rights of those previously left behind and truly empower them to be all they can be,” added Steyn.