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SA government to release “over 100 pieces of land”

With land being the burning issue so far in 2018, the South African government has announced some new plans aside from expropriation without compensation.

SA government

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With South Africans desperate for land and a change in the way it is owned in the country, government has announced that it will be releasing hectares of land. The announcement was made by Communications Minister Nomvula Mokonyane following the Cabinet Lekgotla that took place on Tuesday.

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Government will release more than 100 pockets of land that has been specifically identified by the Department of Rural Development.

Mokonyane stressed that government views the land expropriation intervention as a way to transform and grow the economy.

“One of the critical things that we know is that historically, there can never be any prosperity in the agricultural sector without government providing farmer support such as extension officers, fencing, water certainty, access to finance and access to markets.

“That is critical so that when our people own agricultural land, we should not be burdened with having to look for support because we know that any prosperous agricultural programme relies on a very effective agricultural support programme that looks at food security,” Mokonyane said.

The somewhat infamous minister also explained that the discussions in cabinet were focussing on SA having a stimulus package to ignite the economy and include women and young people.

At the same time (and what many say is contradictory to expropriation talk) cabinet is also focussing on enabling an environment around attracting investment in the country.

“For the full day today, we will be discussing the economy. Of importance is that there is a determination not to reinvent the wheel but to have a stimulus package that deals with… agricultural support, food security as well as productivity in the agricultural sector and the skills pipeline,” Mokonyane told journalists.

The continuous fuel price increases were also discussed with Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene making a presentation.