Government Employees

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Government employee salaries: Here’s how much they earn in SA

A Public Service and Administration Minister has revealed how much government employees earn. The lowest earners take about R8 700 per month.

Government Employees

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Public Service and Administration Minister Ayanda Dlodlo has shared the figures that reveal how much South African government employees take home per annum.


The lowest average annual package begins at R103,562 per year (around R8,700 per month), with the maximum earners pocketing no less than R2.1 million (R175 000 per month).

Dlodlo revealed the figures after Q&A a parliament session at the start of this final quarter. He revealed that government employees are placed in 16 different salary bands.

Band 1 earners, who are presumably general staff in buildings, take an average of R103,562, while band 16 features ministers at an average of R2.1 million earnings a year.

The largest group of government employees are found between salary bands 5 and 9, which are earnings of R283 227 to R567 956 a year.


Salary BandTotal number of employees per salary levelCurrent average salary per salary level
1263R103 562
277 651R171 278
369 003R206 957
438 663R247 296
5201 244R283 227
6129 361R332 985
7306 703R411 227
8159 899R479 868
999 927R567 956
1054 510R710 273
1135 365R851 022
1227 399R1 222 246
137 660R1 147 609
142 405R1 378 620
14528R1 661 168
16712R2 130 602

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