load shedding

Eskom reduces loadshedding to stage 5. Photo: Twitter/Eskom

GOOD NEWS: Eskom reduces loadshedding to Stage 5

Eskom has brought some relief to its customers after reducing loadshedding Stage 6 to 5 from tomorrow.

load shedding

Eskom reduces loadshedding to stage 5. Photo: Twitter/Eskom

Eskom has announced some relief after reducing loadshedding Stage 6 to 5 this evening, Thursday, 07 September.


This follows improvement to the generation capacity, according to the power utility.

“Due to improved generation capacity and emergency reserves, Stage 5 loadshedding will be implemented tomorrow from 05:00 until 16:00,” said Eskom.

“Eskom will publish another update on Friday afternoon. We plead with members of the public to reduce the demand during the evening peak between 17:00 to 21:00,” the power utility added.

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Stage 6 loadshedding was implemented at 5:00 on Tuesday due to the loss of two further power units.

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Initially, Eskom spokesperson Daphne Mokwena said the two additional units at the Lethabo and Matla power plants would need to be shut down throughout the course of the night for urgent repairs.

“Breakdowns are occurring at 16 210 MW of producing capacity right now, while 5 894 MW of that capacity is out of service for scheduled maintenance. At the Kriel and Medupi power plants, a generating unit has each been offline since yesterday for maintenance. At the same time, a generating unit was put back into operation at the power plants in Arnot, Kendal, Kriel, and Lethabo.

“The existing capacity restrictions are also a result of the delay in putting one generating unit at each of the power plants in Hendrina and Tutuka back into action. To get these generators back in operation, Eskom teams are working nonstop. We appeal to the members of the public to continue reducing demand by switching off non-essential appliances,” Mokwena explained the reason behind the decried Stage 6 action earlier this week.

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