“Just give me six months as di

“Just give me six months as dictator, things will be straight,” says Zuma

Jacob Zuma believes that if he had six months to do as he pleases in SA, the country would be on the right track…

“Just give me six months as di

What, has eight years not been enough?

Zuma was speaking to a group of primary school kids in Tembisa when he jokingly said: “If you just give me six months to be a dictator, things will be straight. Right now, to make a decision you need a resolution, decision, collective, petition. Yoh! It’s a lot of work. I am emphasising that let us pay more attention to our children in education.”

El president was doing a Mandela Month visit to the primary school, alongside minister of (very) basic education Angie Motshekga, Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi and premier David Makhura.

During the visit the president said he’d make education compulsory for all the unemployed – again, not saying how he’d actually pay for it, but that’s just semantics when it comes to electioneering really – and told his audience of kids that they should work towards qualifications that are in demand.

 “Education would be more than compulsory. Anyone young found walking in the street would be arrested by the police and asked why he is not at school. If someone doesn’t have a job, I would send them to school by force. They must continue studying because one can never be too old to get an education,” Zuma said.

 “Study for a job. You can’t go and study biblical studies. There are a lot of priests but we want plumbers.”

The president – who’s seemingly switched gear and now aims to get votes by targeting the voters’ kids – handed out school bags and blankets to the school; and for some bizarre reason, the Chinese Premier Tian Xuejun promised to replace the school’s computers, following a recent break-in.

“I educated myself. I took a decision to educate myself when I realised I had no chance because my father had died. Don’t just listen to the people who say I am not educated and think you can take chances,” el presidente, who never actually finished school, said.