Gigaba: opposition to new visa regulation based on “lies” and “cooked-up figures”

South African Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, has hit back at critics who say SA’s new visa regulations have led to a drop in tourists visiting the country.


Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, has hit back strongly at criticism over South Africa’s newly introduced visa regulations. The regulations have caused an uproar with many companies claiming a drop in tourists has been partly down to the new regulation.

Gigba has hit back at these claims saying that claiming ailing figures and new visa regulations are linked is just “an opinion”.

The new visa regulations, among a number of changes made to immigration regulation, require children traveling to and from South Africa to carry an unabridged birth certificate. They also require foreign travellers, from countries that require a visa application to be made before entering SA, to apply in person and provide biometric data.

Gigaba said that opposition to these laws are based on “lies and cooked-up figures and surveys that have had no credibility whatsoever”.

He added that the department expected a slight drop in visitor numbers while tourists “learn to understand what the new regulations are about”.

He also blamed the tourism sector for not trying to “sell South Africa”.

“I think our tourism sector has not been selling South Africa as well as they should have. They should be selling the country on the basis of what it offers travellers not on the basis that its easy for somebody to enter South Africa with a child, unnoticed.”