Truck crush woman

Image: @wsvn / Twitter

Miraculous survival! Giant truck crushes woman’s car

A Washington woman is unbelievably lucky to be alive. She survived with minor injuries after a giant truck crushed her Nissan Altima in half.

Truck crush woman

Image: @wsvn / Twitter

A woman motorist was simply beyond lucky. She only suffered minor injuries after a gigantic truck destroyed her car beyond recognition in Washington, USA on Wednesday.


According to the report, the unnamed lady escaped the horror collision with mere injuries despite the huge squash down. The dreadful accident was confirmed by a local officer’s post that went viral worldwide on social media.

“A woman driving a car in Washington is lucky to be alive after her car was completely destroyed in a crash with a semi-truck,” the WSVN reported.

“Washington State Patrol District 7 Public Information Officer Rocky Oliphant tweeted photos showing the remnants of what used to be a red Nissan Altima folded underneath a semi-truck.”


The local officer Oliphant said the woman’s car was crushed by the monster truck from behind before leaving the vehicle folded in half!

“Miraculously believed to be minor injuries,” Oliphant wrote.

“The car was struck from behind, folded the car in half, and semi came to rest on top of the car.”

An additional report said the woman was trapped inside the folded automobile. She was only able to break free after the front end of the truck was towed.

Meanwhile in Mzansi, EMS officials transported 15 primary school learners and a bus driver to hospital following an accident in Somerset West on Thursday.

At 11:25 on Thursday, EMS spokesperson Deanna February, said EMS officials stood down after the accident scene near Raithby Street was cleared.

“EMS transported fifteen learners who sustained minor injuries to Heldeberg and Stellenbosch Hospitals,” said February.

The driver of the bus was also taken to Helderberg Hospital with minor injuries.

The Somerset West bus accident happened at 7:53 when the vehicle, which was transporting more than 40 children, overturned while attempting to turn into Raithby Street.

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