Gautrain wage strike: The thre

Gautrain wage strike: The three key demands UNTU made to BOC

Gautrain employees have stood firm in their stance that they will not accept an 8.5% wage offer. Gautrain has yet to announce an alternative measure for its commuters.

Gautrain wage strike: The thre

Gautrain employees have downed their tools and commuters have been advised to use alternative transportation.

Wage strikes have been a common occurrence in South Africa this year.

The United National Transport Union (UNTU) announced, on Sunday, that it would carry on with the strike after negotiations failed to progress any further.

The Bombela Operating Company (BOC), Gautrain’s contractor, took to Twitter to affirm that, indeed, a strike would commence on Monday:

“Unfortunately, wage negotiations have deadlocked and as a result, a strike will commence tomorrow morning, 30 July. An operational plan is being finalised and the details of which will be communicated later this afternoon,”

Gautrain employees want a wage increase

Members of UNTU have remained firm in their stance that they will not accept anything below a 10% wage increase on their basic salaries.

At the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration, the BOC made it clear that they would offer employees an 8.5% increase across the board without any bonuses on the table.

Gautrain employees currently receive a basic salary, a medical aid and pension fund contribution and a monthly travel allowance of R750.

UNTU want BOC top brass to share bonuses and profit share across the board

Employees have been striking peacefully so far, with some of them holding up placards that read BOC where is the money and stop sending money to France.

UNTU has accused the BOC top brass of refusing to share their financial statements with its employees.

They claim that BOC’s senior management receive profit share bonuses and none of these proceeds are shared with workers. Employees are allegedly encouraged to manage their own profit share funds.

UNTU has made it clear that they want to be included in these incentives. They also have demanded that an R20,000 bonus be included in employees’ packages.

Employees demand housing incentives

Workers have complained that travelling to and from work is a daily challenge since Gautrain shifts run from 03:00 until very late at night.

Many employees don’t earn enough to afford housing, let alone to book accommodation close to their workplace.

UNTU confirmed that members rely on Uber and specialized taxi services to make it to work on time. Gautrain also does not allow workers to use the train service free of charge.

Because of this, the union has demanded that the BOC include a housing allowance of R1,600 with an increase in employees’ travel allowance.

The BOC has mentioned that it would communicate a plan for their commuters later on Monday as it is still trying to manage the negotiations with its employees.