WATCH: Gauteng’s monster potho

Image: @GPDRT_ / Twitter

WATCH: Gauteng’s monster pothole, it’s not a dam!

Vanderbijlpark has a monster pothole that has been marked as one of the biggest in Gauteng. You’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s a dam!

WATCH: Gauteng’s monster potho

Image: @GPDRT_ / Twitter

Gauteng’s Vanderbijlpark is believed to be the destination of one of South Africa’s biggest potholes. Residents in the community say the dam-like pothole has even been used for swimming purposes.


The pothole that is located in Evaton West, Sebokeng, has been a nightmare for taxi operators. Drivers in the area have been forced to navigate the affected road by steering to the curbs, as the pothole is impossible to drive through, especially during rainy days.

“It is very difficult to drive through here,” a local taxi driver said.

“We have to go through this road, there is no alternative otherwise you will end up on Golden Highway. As drivers, we are not all the same, some refuse to drive here because bearings are expensive to repair once they get damaged.

“We are pleading with the government to fix this road.”


While motorists suffer the damaged road, residents confirm that local children often use the pothole as a swimming pool whenever the weather permits.

A local resident says the road has been in the dire state for no less than 10 years without any action from the municipality. It is one of thousands of roads with heavy potholes in Gauteng.

“This road was last fixed in the year 2011,” said Sakhile Khambule who is a local resident.

“As you see, we have kids playing around it as a pool. It is an unbearable high risk, especially for kids. They should not be playing in such a risky place.”

Meanwhile, the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport has since confirmed making a way to the site to inspect the conditions.

“The team has just arrived at the Sebokeng Ext 5, Evaton, to inspect one of the biggest potholes,” the department said on Tuesday.

The department added a brief report to say: “Water is one of asphalt’s “natural enemies.” Puddles of water on an asphalt pavement will slowly break down the asphalt and cause a pothole to form.”