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Gauteng ANC wants government to rethink e-Tolls

The ANC’s Gauteng branch must be a thorn in the mother party’s side… what with all their sensible ideas and realistic approach to governance as of late.

e-tolls sanral

e-tolls / File photo

The Gauteng branch has reiterated its calls for a rethink on e-tolls in the province, despite transport minister Dipuo Peters going on record saying that they’re here to stay… regardless of the financial burden they place on motorists.

 “Government has already created space for public transport operators not to pay e-toll and concessions have been given to deserving cases. We’ve also spent more than R1 billion in creating alternative roads in Gauteng,” Peters said, adding that South Africans know there is a “user pays” principle that needs to be implemented.

“We need good quality roads, otherwise people will say they have to drive on what’s left of the road and not on the left of the road.”

According to Times Live, ANC Gauteng Chairman Paul Mashatile said that the provincial leadership has the mandate to engage national leadership as a means of assessing the negative impact of e-tolls. This includes “the issue of affordability.”

”In our last conference we said the e-tolls in their current form are unacceptable.”

“Many of our people and small businesses are trying to come into the economic hub and that is where they get affected, by these toll roads.”

According to EWN, Gauteng premier David Makhura said: “The feedback we are still getting from people is that the cost of e-tolls and the negative impact is far from having been mitigated.”

The ANC in Gauteng has taken quite a beating, with polls showing a decline in support in Johannesburg to just 37% of the potential vote.