Gareth Cliff to sue M-Net for

Gareth Cliff to sue M-Net for R25m for “wrongful dismissal” – reports

Gareth Cliff will be suing M-Net for wrongful dismissal after he was fired following comments he made in light of the Penny Sparrow incident.

Gareth Cliff to sue M-Net for


According to a report by eNCA, Gareth Cliff will be taking M-Net to court for wrongful dismissal.

Cliff sparked a frenzy on Twitter when he made comments relating to the Penny Sparrow race debacle. Cliff Tweeted: “People really don’t understand free speech at all” in response to a poll that voted in favour of criminalising racist social media posts.

He later apologised but was still fired from his Idols gig. Cliff’s lawyer says M-Net didn’t follow proper procedure during his dismissal.

“To be fired over this whole mess does seem unfair. M-Net has said as much. They said I’m not a racist,” Cliff said shortly after news first broke that he would no longer be part of the TV show.