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FW de Klerk: Campaign to have ex-leader prosecuted for murder launched

The EFF aren’t messing about, and they have ramped up their campaign to have FW de Klerk prosecuted for alleged ‘state-sponsored murders’.


Image credit: Flickr/Richter Frank-Jurgen

The legacy of former apartheid leader FW de Klerk – and subsequent comments he made about the cruel regime – have both been under severe scrutiny this week. After his presence at SONA 2020 was met with the EFF’s fire and fury, the party have another issue they want to raise with the controversial figure.

FW de Klerk’s apartheid comments

Over the weekend, the Red Berets issued a statement confirming they would “explore all options” to launch a forensic investigation into de Klerk and the role he played in a string of “state-sponsored murders”. The EFF leadership have ramped up their campaign against the former head of state, following a car-crash TV interview.

FW de Klerk denied that apartheid was a “crime against humanity”. This, despite the UN declaring it so. He told the state broadcaster that only genocidal governments can fall into that category, and therefore, believes the National Party should be exempt from the discussion.

EFF to force “murder investigation” against FW de Klerk

In an unprecedented move, Parliament was suspended during SONA on Thursday, thanks to protests by Julius Malema and his colleagues over the presence of De Klerk in the house. They issued a statement over the weekend, justifying their disruptive behaviour and calling for retrospective action against FWDK:

“The EFF will explore all legal options to open an inquest against de Klerk regarding all the people who were killed by the state under his presidency. This will be with the aim of prosecuting him for apartheid murders. It is evident now that FW de Klerk will only accept it was a ‘crime against humanity’ if he faces punishment.”

EFF statement

Thabo Mbeki drops himself in it

Meanwhile, former president Thabo Mbeki has faced criticism for allegedly defending his predecessor. He told the media on Sunday that FW de Klerk was unaware that the UN had declared apartheid a humanitarian offence, and said the pair held discussions on the matter on Thursday. But his lenient tone hasn’t gone down well: