Shell FuelSave

Shell helps cash strapped South Africans get more at the pump with Shell Fuelsave: Image: Adobe Stock

Shell FuelSave helps cash-strapped South Africans save at petrol stations

Get up to 15 kilometres more per tank of fuel with Shell FuelSave, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Shell FuelSave

Shell helps cash strapped South Africans get more at the pump with Shell Fuelsave: Image: Adobe Stock

Johannesburg, 22 June 2022 – South Africans finally have something to smile about at the petrol station!

After over five years of laboratory, bench engine, and road testing, and involving the expertise of more than 150 dedicated scientists in its specialised research and development facilities across the globe, Shell is ready to launch yet another breakthrough as part of its ongoing commitment to improving the lives of drivers everywhere.

Introducing Shell FuelSave – a fuel economy formula designed to help reduce fuel consumption and save money at the pump. By using Shell Fuel Save regularly, a car’s fuel economy can be improved by up to 2%. That’s an extra fifteen kilometers per tank to be exact!

“In South Africa as well as in countries of vast expanse elsewhere in the world, owning and driving a car is all but essential – but the cost of fuel can add up quickly. So, Shell set itself the task of developing a solution to help the average cost-conscious consumer save both money and fuel,” explained Hloniphizwe Mtolo, GM Mobility and Country Chairman for Shell South Africa.

“Performance-robbing deposits can severely impact engine efficiency and fuel economy. Shell’s next-generation, highly-effective deposit-targeting technology cleans engines like never before – removing 65% of harmful deposits, as well as preventing future build-up. Not only does this save money, but it also helps reduce each motor vehicle’s carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. That means it’s good for the pocket and the environment.” 

Shell’s unwavering passion for innovation

For more than a century, Shell has been fuelled not only by a commitment to performance but by an absolute passion for innovation and this introduction of Shell FuelSave represents another milestone in Shell’s history of breakthroughs in safety, engine efficiency, and fuel economy.

From its initial introduction of Iso-octane in the 1930s, its launch of Shell V-Power at the turn of the Millennium, to its most recent refinements with Dynaflex and infinity additive formulation, Shell continues to be a pioneer of excellence in adaptive fuel engine technology that unlocks fuel efficiency and uncompromised performance for the old engines and the new.

Now, Shell FuelSave will allow drivers to get so much more out of every drop – and it’s available for petrol and diesel engines at Shell filling stations. 

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