Fritz Joubert farmer eskom

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Fritz Joubert “wasn’t a farmer”, as four bizarre twists in the case surface

Questions about Fritz Joubert’s employment, his beliefs and the EFF’s involvement have all been raised this week, providing police with a few plot twists.

Fritz Joubert farmer eskom

Photo: Twitter screenshot

When the disturbing video footage of Gonubie killer Fritz Joubert went viral on Monday morning, it was apparent that law enforcement were facing a case like no other. Now, little more than 72 hours after the traumatic event unfolded, it seems like the investigation is having to contend with a few plot twists.

Joubert killed his friend and neighbour Anele Hoyana while acting out a bizarre “ceremony” before he was shot dead by police. The 45-year-old smallholder’s mental health had been questioned in the days before the gruesome attack, and questions have been raised about his employment and the crime itself. Here’s what we’ve learnt on Wednesday:

Fritz Joubert – latest developments:

He wasn’t a farmer

Agri SA were forced to release a statement on Tuesday evening, dismissing preliminary reports that Joubert was a farmer. They deny that he was a member of any agricultural organisation, and despite his sprawling homestead, he wasn’t a man of the land, but actually worked for Eskom.

“Fritz Joubert was an Eskom sub-contractor who lived on a small lifestyle property near Gonubie, outside East London and was not a farmer or a member of any organised agricultural organisation. To refer to him as a farmer, to fuel anger towards the farming community is irresponsible and undermines the efforts of real farmers to build an inclusive, safe, non-racial sector.”

Agri SA

Who was behind the camera?

One of the most puzzling aspects behind the shocking video of the killing was that it would appear that the camera was being operated by someone else. This has since been confirmed by the Daily Dispatch, who reported that a terrified farmer, Sabelo Ngaka, admitted to filming Joubert’s erratic behaviour in the hours leading up to the murder.

EFF plan to turn Fritz Joubert’s homestead into a pre-school

Buffalo City Metro regional EFF chairperson Mziyanda Hlekiso led some of his comrades to occupy Joubert’s property on Monday night. Dozens of red berets arrived at the scene once police had finished their forensic work, vowing to expropriate the property and claim it for landless citizens. Hlekiso has confirmed the EFF will fight to seize the building, and turn it into a pre-school.

“We raided that farm because that man was fueled by racism and nothing else. That is the reason we went to occupy that farm. We have taken over that farm. It is ours now. We are going to convert it to a pre-school.”

Mziyanda Hlekiso

Fritz Joubert had an old apartheid flag on display

This is probably the least surprising revelation, but it provides a bit more context. Joubert was found in possession of the old apartheid flag, which was clearly on display in one of his rooms. Bizarrely, the 45-year-old had appeared in a Zwesta music video in 2019, and the flag can clearly be observed in the background.