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Fraud accused forced to ‘pay back the money’ to victims

The municipal official was bust for fraud after adding her name as a beneficiary to a colleague’s pension fund, stealing R907 000.


Photo: Pixabay

Two victims of fraud, theft and money laundering, whose inheritance was unlawfully stolen by a King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) Municipality official have been paid back almost one million rand of their late father’s pension payout.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) regional spokesperson, Luxolo Tyali, said that the restorative justice process had stemmed from preservation and forfeiture orders that the NPA’s asset forfeiture unit (AFU) had obtained in the Mthatha High Court in terms of the provisions of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act. He said the victims had been paid back R911 000 of the syphoned pension payout money. 

“The father of the two victims, who cannot be named for fear of the late estate beneficiaries becoming targets to other criminals again, was working for KSD Municipality when he passed away in February 2019. He was a member of the Eastern Cape Group Municipal Pension and Gratuity Fund and Umtata Provident Fund,” Tyali said.

“When the legitimate beneficiaries to the late estate discovered that they had received less amounts than they were entitled to, they went to KSD Municipality to complain. An enquiry established that Nomvuyiseko Roselina Ntluzo Ntluzo, unknown to the legal beneficiaries, had been fraudulently included as one of the beneficiaries.”

Payments of R750 000 and R156 000 had already been made to Ntluzo’s bank accounts when the fraud was picked up and Ntluzo had already made an internal transfer debit of R30 000 into a bank account held by Thembekile Mapolisa, comitting fraud, theft and money laundering.

“With the cooperation of the police, the Financial Intelligence Centre and Capitec Bank, the sum of R907 000 held in the two bank accounts was temporarily frozen, and AFU obtained the two orders to make sure that the funds are reimbursed to the legal beneficiaries and that crime does not pay. The R911 000 paid to the victims is the frozen amounts plus interest that accumulated since July 2019,” Tyali said.

KSD Municipality Human Resources Principal Clerk and trustee of the punsion fund, Nosiphiwo Mkhala, and Ntluzo have been charged with fraud, theft and money laundering.  

Their trial is due to start in the Mthatha Specialised Commercial Crimes Court on 17 June 2021.