France closes down 4 mosques i

France closes down 4 mosques in two weeks, following Nov 13 terror attacks

The French government is systematically raiding and closing down mosques suspected of nurturing “Islamist radicalization”; confiscating weapons and jihadist documents.

France closes down 4 mosques i

Paris police shut down a mosque just east of the city and arrested a suspect in related raids as part of a government crackdown following the November 13 Islamist attacks on the French capital.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told journalists that authorities had already closed down two mosques last week in the first such action against religious institutions thought to be breeding what he referred to as “Islamist radicalisation.”

Cazeneuve also told members of parliament that government had closed down a mosque in Nice on the French Riviera. Officials discovered jihadist documents at yesterdays mosque raid, placed nine people under house arrest and barred 22 from leaving the country in related raids on Wednesday.

In total, the French government has raided 2 235 buildings and houses, arrested 232 people and confiscated 334 weapons – of which 34 are war-grade – since declaring a state of emergency after the attacks; according to Cazeneuve.

“In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year,” he said.

The other two mosques the French government closed down last week were in Lyons and Gennevilliers.