Four suspects arrested for Esigodini slaying which left six dead

Victims were murdered at a local spaza shop.

The South African Police Services have arrested four suspects, who are allegedly connected to the killing spree that took six lives this past weekend in the Esigodini area, Pietermaritzburg.

Esigodini: The criminals claimed six lives at a spaza shop

The police claimed that the assailants are fresh out of prison for previous convictions, and are active members of a gang.

The Spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Community Safety, Kwanele Ncalane, issued a statement saying the group was armed with ammunition, robbed and murdered customers at a spaza shop in the neighbourhood.

Esigodini: More senseless killings occurred in the area

Ncalane further mentioned that the police are working with the community, to uproot crime and criminals within the community. According to SABC; Ncalane also mentioned that family members of a taxi driver were murdered in a separate incident in the area.

“The fact that six people were killed in one night, is an indication of a sick society. That is why we must join hands in making sure that we all collectively work hard to fight against the scourge of crime, and illegal firearms to root out criminal elements in our society.”

Spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Community Safety, Kwanele Ncalane

The number of illegal weapons in the streets are alarming

The increase in the number of illegal guns roaming the streets has caused an epidemic in South Africa. In the world at large, South Africa is ranking at number 20 in the list of civilian held legal and illicit firearms.

These statistics further prove that there are approximately 5.4 million South Africans, who have guns in their possession, but only three million of these firearms are licenced.

It is also recorded that 9855 guns go missing annually and the recovery rate is very low. Illegal weapons don’t just happen overnight, all guns are legally manufactured but turn illegal because of the illicit use of stolen or smuggled weapons.

SAPS recovered 1037 illegal guns in the Western Cape

In South Africa, illegal weapons are smuggled into the country through fraud and poor law enforcement of the Firearms Control Act, which is there to prevent the illicit trade of illegal firearms.

In a recent statement by the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, he revealed that SAPS has recovered 1037 illegal firearms in the past eight months alone in the Western Cape.

SAPS revealed that between November and July 2019, 1037 illegal firearms were recovered in the Western Cape. The number of recovered illegal firearms has decreased slightly from 1047 between November and October 2018. I call on Police Minister, Bheki Cele, to urgently ensure the destruction of these illegal firearms to guarantee that they are not leaked back, into the illegal pool of weapons in the province.”

Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz