Foreign national truck driver

Image: South Africa Daily / Facebook

Fake work permit: Foreign national truck driver arrested in Gqeberha [watch]

A foreign national truck is seen frozen with distress after he was arrested for allegedly carrying a fake work permit in Gqeberha.

Foreign national truck driver

Image: South Africa Daily / Facebook

An alleged fake work permit has left this foreign national driver and his employer with some serious questions to answer. A video shows the suspect arrested next to the truck he had been nabbed driving.


Department of Police, Roads, and Transport members handcuffed the suspect during a road freight and Logistics integrated blitz inspection in the Eastern Cape’s commercial hub.

The report from the Facebook page, South African Daily, posted a video with an officer confirming that the identified suspect is facing a charge, along with his yet-to-be-named employer.

“A foreign national truck driver employee with a fake employment permit has been arrested during the road freight and Logistics integrated blitz inspection taking place in Gqeberha Eastern Cape today. He will be charged along with his employer,” the report said.


The officer wearing a roads and transport police uniform is heard confirming that the foreign national truck driver was arrested with a fake work permit.

“He has been arrested, yes. He will be charged today, he is going to be processed accordingly. His employer will be charged as well,” the officer said as the suspect is seen standing behind him in a red t-shirt.

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In other Eastern Cape news, tragedy struck in King Wiliams after a schoolgirl took her own life. The 16-year-old Lathitha Nako was bullied mercilessly with accusations of being a witch when she instead had she described as ‘spiritual gifts.’

According to the report, the Bhisho high school grade 10 learner found an escape from bullies by swallowing a pesticide and died in hospital on Wednesday.

A WhatsApp voice note that is believed to have been recorded by the victim made the rounds on social media. Nako is heard talking to her friend about the horror of the witchcraft accusation she was facing at school.