Mpumalanga fraud

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Forbidden love: Catering manager jailed for ‘intimate affair’ with prisoner

Annette Causey recently made headlines when her relationship with a prison inmate at the Hindley jail in Greater Manchester came to light.

Mpumalanga fraud

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A 32-year-old single mother-of-one, Annette Causey, and catering manager recently made headlines when her relationship with a prison inmate at Category C Hindley jail in Wigan in Greater Manchester came to light.

Catering manager jailed for relationship with prison inmate

Drugs, bras and love letters

As reported by Daily Mail, the pair reportedly swapped “explicit love letters and text messages”. She also allegedly “performed sex acts on him and smuggled cannabis and tobacco hidden inside her bra”.

Her former lover is a 31-year-old convicted armed robber Jamie Ellis at Category C Hindley jail in Wigan, Greater Manchester. The affair came to light when a police Anti-Corruption Unit received a tip-off from an informant at the jail.

When officials searched Ellis’ cell, they found two mobile phones along with a diary containing Causey’s phone number. It also came to light that the couple would “kiss and cuddle inside storerooms and fridges”.

Romance over

Following the search of Ellis’ belongings, officials searched Causey’s home, where they found love letters and cannabis. Causey has been in the prison’s employ as a catering manager and kitchen supervisor since 2011, while Ellis was jailed for eight years back in 2015.

Ellis was the getaway driver part of a group of robbers who – armed with machetes, knives and meat cleavers – would target residents of Liverpool’s Chinese community.

Causey has since been handed a jail term of 30 months while Ellis was given a 16-month sentence for supplying drugs, as well as the unauthorised possession of a mobile phone in prison.

Causey in a ‘very dark place’

Speaking in her defence, Causey’s lawyer, Paul Treble, said she “was in a very dark place”, and added that the “tried to kill herself and the one thing she will thank Ellis for is her stopped her from doing it”. Treble added:

“He did make her feel better in the short term and that is really why she did what she did. She feels inadequate at times, and people have taken advantage of her. She feels men in her life have been unfaithful, manipulative and dishonest. She thought he loved her but the relationship ended days after he left prison – he got what he wanted”.

Ellis has since moved on to another relationship and will be focusing on his landscape gardening business