Foolish thieves turn towards t

Foolish thieves turn towards the camera while shoving booze in their pants [video]

But if you gonna steal, at least try and be clandestine about it, no?

Foolish thieves turn towards t

You’d think that with CCTV footage of skollies going viral al the time, would-be thieves would smarten up. Only you would be wrong. Carlos Miguel Goncalves posted this footage to a community support group. It shows three guys casually strolling into a bottle store and shoving booze down their pants.

The brazen crooks don’t seem to realise they are looking right at the camera as they commit their crimes.

Concalves said that the incident took place at Liquor City Farrarmere at 12:30 on 6 February 2017. He said the crooks left in a maroon golf (BWM883GP).

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