The best universities in South Africa

The top best universities in SA according to Webometrics mid-year update. Image: Wikipedia

FIVE SA universities where millionaires are made

Do SA Universities produce millionaires? Absolutely! These FIVE academic powerhouses have been pivotal in birthing countless millionaires.

The best universities in South Africa

The top best universities in SA according to Webometrics mid-year update. Image: Wikipedia

Several SA universities have played a pivotal role in shaping successful entrepreneurs, producing a considerable number of millionaires.

These five institutions have nurtured individuals with innovative ideas and business acumen, paving the way for their prosperity.

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Top Three SA Universities that have produced the most millionaires?

The 2022 report from New World Wealth examined which local universities in South Africa are producing the highest number of millionaires.

1. University of the Witwatersrand:
The University of the Witwatersrand, located in Johannesburg, has produced numerous millionaires across various sectors. Graduates from this prestigious institution have excelled in finance, technology, and engineering, among others.

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A notable alumnus is Gavin Hood, who studied Law and English literature but later discovered his passion for filmmaking and directing. He gained fame for directing ‘Tsotsi’ and ‘X-men Origins: Wolverine’.

2. University of Cape Town:
The University of Cape Town, a leading academic institution, has also made a significant impact on shaping successful entrepreneurs. Its graduates have made strides in fields such as healthcare, finance, and information technology, establishing themselves as millionaires.

Mark Shuttleworth, a tech innovator and the first African to venture into space, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Science, majoring in Finance and Information Systems at the University of Cape Town. He established Canonical Ltd., the firm responsible for creating the Ubuntu operating system

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3. Stellenbosch University:
Stellenbosch University, renowned for its academic excellence, has contributed to the creation of millionaires in sectors such as agriculture, the wine industry, and business. Alumni from this university have shown remarkable entrepreneurial prowess.

Koos Bekker earned law degrees from the University of Stellenbosch (USB) and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), along with a literature degree from USB. Bekker gained global recognition when he invested just $32 million in the fledgling Tencent.

Presently, Naspers holds a 34% stake in Tencent, making it the fifth largest company globally.

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Bottom two in the top five

4. University of Pretoria:
The University of Pretoria has played a pivotal role in shaping successful individuals who have gone on to become millionaires in fields such as law, engineering, and business. Its graduates have shown exceptional business acumen.

Elon Musk briefly attended the University of Pretoria before moving to Canada. He’s an entrepreneur and serves as the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. His enterprises have transformed the automotive and space sectors.

5. University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg has been instrumental in producing millionaires in sectors like finance, engineering, and information technology. Its graduates have demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics, leading to their financial success.

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