Zuma interview

Five lies Jacob Zuma told during his Wednesday TV ‘interview’

Jacob Zuma delivered an absolutely bizarre “interview” on Wednesday afternoon. He refused to resign and made a whole host of claims. The hypocrisy was in full swing.

Zuma interview

President Jacob Zuma continues to cling to power, his latest (and arguably most ridiculous) attempt came with an exclusive TV ‘interview’ with the SABC on Wednesday afternoon.  Hours earlier, the ANC Parliamentary caucus gave a media briefing informing the nation that they could not wait beyond Wednesday for Zuma to go.

Watch: Jacob Zuma’s Wednesday SABC ‘interview’ in full

Throughout President Zuma’s hour-long monologue, he recounted his version of events for the last few days and how the ANC asked him to step down. In typical Zuma fashion, hypocrisy was in full swing.

In fact, it went from hypocrisy into flat-out lies at some point. Here are the top five we picked out…

His recall is “baseless, there are no reasons for it”

Let’s start with one of the milder ones, believe it or not.

Yes, Zuma told the SABC reporter that his recall is “baseless”. Zuma expressed that he “had done nothing wrong” and repeatedly emphasised that the ANC could not tell him either.

This statement from Zuma is a lie mixed with a truth, while his multiple charges, court rulings, protest marches and party electoral losses (amongst others) prove that his recall is not baseless, the ANC’s previous defence of him has come back to bite them.

While Zuma was still ANC President, his wrongdoings were mostly papered over and in many instances strongly defended. When the ANC didn’t want to admit their leader’s repeated wrongdoings, people across the country were growing sick and tired of it all.

Now, the ANC has new leadership and although it knows Zuma was disastrous, it is still unable to admit it publically due to his strong support base and potential ammunition for opposition parties. It’s coming back to bite them…

Zuma did not want Thabo Mbeki recalled

This one is arguably the most ridiculous, so ridiculous, in fact, that we’re calling it the biggest lie Jacob Zuma has ever told (and he has told a lot).

“The NEC decided to recall Mbeki, not because there was a problem, the NEC felt that they were not happy with what Mbeki was doing. When the NEC was discussing Mbeki, I was one of those that said we should not recall him.”

“It sets a bad precedent, I said we should talk to him to find a solution. Of course, I was defeated by the majority.”

Within seconds of Zuma making those comments on live TV, former ANC Youth League President (and therefore NEC member) Julius Malema, took to Twitter to share his version of events.

There are no two centres of power

This is where the hypocrisy side comes back into swing here. Jacob Zuma is on record in multiple interviews over the years telling the nation that Mbeki was recalled due to the NEC’s  concerns over the “two centres of power”. Now, he says it’s “immature politics”. In fact, it was those comments together with Mbeki’s recall that now comes back to bite him today.

The only difference? Mbeki followed his party’s instructions while Zuma now hypocritically ignores them.

There is “this rush” to remove him

Ok, this one speaks for itself. We’re not sure anybody can label the calls for Zuma to go “a rush”. Thursday’s motion of no confidence will be Zuma’s ninth after all. Then let’s also not forget the fact that multiple ANC branches, veterans, MPs and icons have made calls for him to go throughout his term in office. Many of those MPs even voted for his removal via secret ballot and left the party because of him.

No, Baba, you know this has been coming for a long time.

Zuma is not defying the ANC by not resigning

defy: openly resist or refuse to obey – Google definition

Here we have another flat out lie, folks. When the ANC recalled President Zuma via an official decision from the NEC, that was an official instruction. Zuma may be the President but he is ONLY there as the ANC chose to deploy him there. It is the party’s right to decide who they deploy.

According to the South African constitution, Zuma was not “elected” by “the people” to be President. The ANC was elected to give their candidate the job. Just like any other job, positions can change.

While Zuma was adamant that he was “disagreeing” with his party and not defying it, his decision to not meet the resignation deadline, is by definition, defying an ANC instruction.

More lies before it all comes crashing down?

With every party in the National Assembly now ready to come together and remove Zuma, we are now left with just a matter of hours for President Zuma to reconsider and resign. Will Zuma fall on his sword, or will he have a few more absurdities for the world first?