m5 cape town traffic vegetation fire monday

Photo: Nicholas Dilley / Twitter

Cape Town traffic: M5 vegetation fire closes roads, fills sky with smoke

If you’re in the Mother City and wondering why it’s so smokey outside, here’s your answer. Cape Town traffic has been halted by a vegetation fire.

m5 cape town traffic vegetation fire monday

Photo: Nicholas Dilley / Twitter

Large plumes of smoke have been rolling across the CPT Municipality on Monday, even making their way into the CBD. City officials have confirmed that a vegetation fire has caused the chaos, after it was reported at the Youngsfield Military Base near the M5 just after 13:00. It’s believed the blaze was caused intentionally, and it has sparked a nightmare for those trying to get through the Cape Town traffic as we approach rush hour.

Cape Town traffic latest for Monday 3 February:

  • The M5 is closed both ways between Racecourse Road and Ottery Road. Motorists must make use of alternative routes.
  • The southbound carriageway is heavily backed up from Raapenberg Road.
  • On the alternative route, a stationary vehicle on Ottery Rd / Rosemead Ave has caused a traffic build-up on the westbound carriageway.
  • The M5 southbound before Ottery Road has also been shutdown.

Everything we know about the vegetation fire in CPT

COCT have issued a statement on the matter, confirming that more than 50 members of the emergency services are on the scene. The M5 is likely to remain closed until the blaze has been brought under control.

“The City’s Fire and Rescue services team is working to contain the vegetation fire along the M5, near Youngsfield Military Base. Seven firefighting appliances and 52 staff members are on scene. The fire has not been contained and smoke is traveling as far as the CBD. Cape Town traffic is affected. Updates will follow later in the day.”

COCT statement

Cape Town traffic updates: Large fire shuts the M5