North West Farmers bakkie chase

Photo: Arrive Alive

Farmers fight back: Four NW robbers shot dead during ‘bakkie chase’

A scarcely believable series of events saw a group of North West farmers duel it out with an armed gang in a car chase – after a nearby property was robbed.

North West Farmers bakkie chase

Photo: Arrive Alive

A dramatic shootout between a group of robbers and North West farmers ended when a car chase – involving two bakkies – came to an abrupt halt on Friday. A local couple were targeted by the gang, who stole cash and debit cards from the property. However, the community spirit in Springbokpan is incredibly strong, to say the least…

Farmers shoot four robbers in North West

The scene played out like a Hollywood movie. Shots were exchanged between the robbers and the farmers, and there will be serious consequences for the two suspects who were apprehended without being fatally wounded. The police have opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this frenetic encounter, but we can now confirm:

  • A group of six males targeted the landowners, only to be chased down by their neighbouring farmers.
  • The occupants fired shots at the farmers, but their getaway vehicle then hit a tree.
  • Three of the four occupants were certified dead at the scene.
  • The fourth one died later after receiving treatment at Thusong Hospital.
  • During the recovery operation, police found seven firearms, ammunition, cash, bank cards, and cell phones.
  • The arrested suspects are expected to appear in court soon on a charge of house robbery.

Bakkie chase ends in chaotic fashion

SAPS issued a statement over the weekend, revealing that North West law enforcement officials are also looking to open dockets for ‘suspected stolen goods’ and the ‘illegal possession of firearms’. The farmers will also be questioned about their use of armed force, but the law may likely be on their side in this particular case.

“Itsoseng police are investigating a case of possession of suspected stolen goods, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition as well as an inquest docket after four house robbery suspects died on Friday afternoon, 11 December 2020, in Springbokpan village, North West.”

“The men were being chased by farmers after they committed a house robbery at a farm in Biesiesvlei at around 13:00. It is alleged that six males driving in a white Toyota Raider entered the farm within a few minutes after the farmer arrived. The suspects robbed the farmers of their cash, cell phones, and guns. As they fled, they stole a bakkie.”

“The victim alerted neighbouring farmers who responded swiftly and managed to corner the Toyota Raider. Two males, aged 37 and 39, were arrested. In an effort to arrest the other suspects, a car chase ensued. It was during the chase in Springbokpan when the suspects exchanged fire with the farmers – the suspects’ vehicle came to a halt after hitting a tree.”

North West SAPS statement