Here are answers to your SASSA questions

Your FAQs about SASSA answered. Image: @OfficialSASSA/Twitter/Adapted by author

FAQ: Your SASSA questions answered

Thousands of South Africans rely on SASSA grants but many struggle to navigate through the system and procedures.

Here are answers to your SASSA questions

Your FAQs about SASSA answered. Image: @OfficialSASSA/Twitter/Adapted by author

The SASSA grant is a ray of hope for countless South Africans during tough times. However, a lot of people who receive the grant often feel confused about how it all works. Here is a list of frequently asked questions with their answers as a quick reference guide to help you.

Grant approved But No Payment Date

One of the most frequently asked SASSA questions is what it means if your status shows ‘approved’ but there is no payment date given.

It means that SASSA has identified your application for further investigation. This could be because your information has changed, for example you may be getting an income higher than the required threshold. For more information click here.

How To Change your Phone Number with SASSA

Another frequently asked SASSA question is how to change your phone number. Many people tend to struggle to change their phone number on SASSA’s database.

Follow these steps to change your phone number:
1. Go to the SRD website.
2. Enter your grant application ID.
3. Enter your SA ID number.
4. Enter your new phone number on the next screen and give a reason for the change.
5. Verify with the OTP sent to your new phone number.
6. Submit.

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How Long Does The SASSA SRD Appeal Take?

The grant application appeal process can take between 60 to 90 days. An independent tribunal for social assistance appeals handles this process. They will investigate the appeal and ensure that SASSA doesn’t miss any information.

You can check the status of an appeal by using the status check tool or by going to the SASSA appeals online portal.

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When Will The SASSA Grant End?

The R350 monthly grant started as a temporary provision to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on low-income South Africans. The government has extended the SRD grant until March 2025.

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What is the SASSA Means Test?

SASSA will conduct a means test before approving an application and use it as an eligibility tool for existing beneficiaries. SASSA uses this test to ensure that those who genuinely need financial assistance receive it and decline those who do not meet the qualifications by exceeding the income and asset threshold limit.

Existing grant recipients’ financial status will be reviewed monthly.

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