Travel to Japan without clothing. Image: Pixabay

Travel to Japan without clothing. Image: Pixabay

Fancy travelling to Japan without your clothing? Now you can!

Japan’s national carrier is making it possible for travellers to come to Japan without their clothes.

Travel to Japan without clothing. Image: Pixabay

Travel to Japan without clothing. Image: Pixabay

Here’s a first. Travellers can now visit Japan without needing to take their clothes with them!

No, this is not a trip to a nudist colony. And no, it is not something inappropriate or untoward.

A Japanese airline has introduced a clothing rental service for passengers on its flights. The airline is attempting to reduce its impact on the environment by enabling its passengers to fly to Japan without bringing baggage.


Japan is an amazing place to visit. The country boasts pristine natural beauty and also offers a number of fascinating man-made attractions.

Japan is steeped in history. Japanese culture is extremely interesting and rich.


In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Japan’s national airline has teamed up with a private corporation, to hire out clothing to passengers and tourists.

The aim of the initiative is to reduce aircraft weight and thus, lower fuel consumption for the Japanese airline. This should also result in lower carbon emissions from its flights.

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The initiative is currently being run as an experiment in aviation sustainability, according to Financial Express.

This clothing share service is being trialed until the end of August 2024.  

The project aims to provide travellers with convenience as well as to encourage sustainable practices.    


According to Travelnews, a local Japanese clothing rental company is developing the reservation system and organising the procurement, laundering and delivery of the rented clothing.

The Japanese airline will monitor the effects and changes in the take-off weight of its aircraft. It will also track changes in carbon dioxide emissions from its flights. 


Passengers can rent up to eight outfits for periods of up to two weeks at a cost of (Japanese Yen) ¥4 000 – ¥7 000 (R530 – R930). Details on how to arrange garment hire and for instructions on how to make use of the clothing rental service are available online.

Based on sizes and seasonal requirements for the available clothing range, reservations can be done prior to boarding flights. However, it is recommended that clothing rentals are booked one month in advance. 

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