fake pharmacist

Bogus pharmacist Nthabiseng Ramokolo. Image: X/@AdvoBarryRoux

Gotcha! Another FAKE medical practitioner EXPOSED

Another day, another bogus, medical practitioner revealed. This time Dis-chem and the University of Limpopo are entangled in the web of lies.

fake pharmacist

Bogus pharmacist Nthabiseng Ramokolo. Image: X/@AdvoBarryRoux

In a week of exposés , yet another social media influencer has been caught out tangled in their web of lies of being a medical practitioner.


Alleged bogus pharmacist Nthabiseng Ramokolo is often seen on her social media accounts in her scrubs with the University of Limpopo logo embroidered onto it.

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The new expose comes just two days after fake doctor Matther Bongani Lani was exposed of not being a medical doctor by the Gauteng Department of Health and Wits University which he claimed to have graduated from, let alone a matric certificate.

fake pharmacist
Alleged bogus pharmacist Nthabiseng Ramokolo. Image: X/@AdvoBarryRoux

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On her LinkedIn profile, Ramokolo claims that she is a pharmacy graduate and currently enrolled as a masters student.

However, the institution has come out and said that they have no records of her.

“After checking all the records, the University would like to state that Nthabiseng Ramokolo is not a UL pharmacy graduate and that she was never a student at the University”, says UL spokesperson Johannes Selepe.

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“Additionally, her claims on social media that she is a Master’s student at UL are false,” he adds.

UL’s executive dean of Health Sciences Professor Tebogo Mothiba has also said that faculty members as well as current and former students have confirmed that they have no knowledge of her.


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Social Media commentator @AdvoBarryRoux has accused Ramokolo of dressing in her scrubs in clubs to lure rich men.

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In response to a post by @AdvoBarryRoux on X (formerly Twitter), Dis-Chem has also distanced themselves from Ramokolo.

“We can confirm that we do not have anyone by the name of “NthaBiseng Ramokolo” employed by the Dis-Chem group. We believe the LinkedIn account information listed on this profile to be inaccurate”, the company says.

In her LinkedIn profile, she has claimed to be a junior Pharmacist from March 2022.