Fake news brought a bride to her knees

Fake news brought a bride to her knees. Image: Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Fake news gives bride tears (video)

Fake news brought a bride to her knees when she received information about her groom. The woman was left confused after the proposal.

Fake news brought a bride to her knees

Fake news brought a bride to her knees. Image: Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The Hawks have warned people to stop spreading fake news. This comes after an alarming number of false cases of kidnapping and human trafficking have been reported. Fake news in text messages are also included in the warning. 

It has come to the attention of authorities that too many fake reports about women and children trafficking are going around. People are not fact-checking the texts and are reposting and sharing them on their social media accounts. 

People should be aware that they can be traced when using a phone.

Man catfishes “bride” about wedding

Police are fed up after wasting resources on locating a Zim foreign national, 32, who “arrived” in Cape Town on 1 December 2022. He arrived in SA to pick his bride up and return to his country. Before their planned meeting the expectant woman received a text at 8pm stating: “WE GOT HIM!” 

The man was supposed to take a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The plan was to fetch the woman and return for a wedding ceremony in Zimbabwe. In a surprise turn of events the woman instead received more texts which demanded ransom money for her man’s safe return. It was further noted the kidnappers did not know how much they wanted so they didn’t mention an amount.

Police search for fake groom

Members from various units were dispatched to look for the victim. As a result of making a few calls police found there was no flight taken by any traveller with the victim’s name. Further to this, police also confirmed there was no foreign national who travelled from Zimbabwe with the man’s name. Video footage scanned at the Cape Town airport resulted in the deduction the man lied.

While we are unaware if this prank saga is ongoing between the two as most couples prove on Tiktok, what we do know is this: Fake News or texts can be traced and those responsible can be caught and face jail time.

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