fairland robbery motorcyclist

Screengrab: YouTube

‘This is pure evil’ – Motorcyclist run over and robbed [video]

The incident took place at 22:35 on Wilson Street in Fairland, Johannesburg.

fairland robbery motorcyclist

Screengrab: YouTube

A robbery in Fairland on Friday evening, 23 April is being described by social media netizens as “pure evil”, “shocking” and “disgusting”, and we’re inclined to agree. Here’s what we know.

Fairland robbery: Motorist knocked down

South Africa Daily Crime TV uploaded a short video clip – security camera footage – of the robbery to YouTube on Saturday. The video was later retweeted by Yusuf Abramjee as well.

The footage shows a silver Renault ploughing into a motorcyclist, subsequently dragging him a few meters before coming to a stop. Three suspects can be seen emerging from the vehicle.

They rummage around the debris and steal the driver’s possessions before speeding off.

Watch: Fairland robbery caught on camera

Do take note: This footage and graphic and might upset some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

As per the video’s time stamp, the incident took place at 22:35 on Wilson Street in Fairland, Johannesburg on Friday evening. Abramjee explained:

“Criminals knocked down a motorcyclist and robbed him off his possessions”.

The suspects fled the scene in a Silver Renault and no arrest have been made at the time of publishing. While the extent of the motorcyclist’s injuries are unclear, he appeared to be sitting upright throughout the ordeal.

South Africans react to Fairland robbery

One netizen on Twitter, known only as MaTrent Awoko, said the robbery was “senseless and barbaric”, while Thabiso Hlongwa said, “government needs to charge the bloody law […] because these bastards know very well they will get away with it”.

Another user said South Africa “needs a brand new governing body that has the safety and employment of its citizens as paramount”, while another added:

“Probably just an Uber driver trying to make ends meet. You would realise that maybe all what they got was an old phone and power bank. So cruel to try and someone for nuts”.

On YouTube, one user simply remarked that the world is “becoming sick”. Elianah Chloe Mvundura added, “cops are supposed to be patrolling our streets, never seen any around ever”, while one said the incident was “shocking and disgusting”.

Another succinctly summed it up: “This is pure evil!”

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