You can expect some big changes on your Android keyboards soon on WhatsApp. Image. iStock.

Explainer: How to edit text messages on WhatsApp

Now that WhatsApp has allowed users to edit messages on the App, here is how you can set up the edit button on your device.


You can expect some big changes on your Android keyboards soon on WhatsApp. Image. iStock.

Good news for WhatsApp users are that the messaging App has finally added an edit button to both its web and Android apps.

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Process of editing messages on WhatsApp

Let’s talk about how WhatsApp handles message editing. When you send a message you want to edit, press and hold the text and tap the ellipsis to reveal a pop-up menu.

Here, you will see an “Edit” button, which you can tap to start fixing up the message in question. Once you submit your change, your message will spot an “edited” label, so everyone knows it wasn’t the original message sent.

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Now, you won’t able to edit any message anytime you want, you only have 15 minutes from the time you hit “send” to edit a message, after which the text is locked in as is.

That’s exactly how long Apple gives you to edit an iMessage, so you might be used to that if you’re coming from an iPhone or a Mac.

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However, unlike iMessage, which caps you at five edits per message, WhatsApp lets you edit a message as many times as you want in that 15 minute window.

However, it is not clear whether there’s an edit history in place. You also can’t edit any messages you sent from another device, even within that 15-minute timeframe.

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If you send a message from WhatsApp on your tablet, you won’t be able to edit that message on your phone, which is an odd choice. Looking at iMessage again, you’re able to edit any message you send on any compatible device within the 15 minutes.

There is a reason to think that WhatsApp’s time limit could change in the future, though. WhatsApp’s message-deletion feature also started with a 15-minute limit, but now allows you to delete messages from all party members’ chats up to two days after sending.

Perhaps soon you’ll be able to edit messages a day or two after we send them, as well. Until then, fix your mistakes fast.

WhatsApp users can now edit text messages. Image: Pixabay

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How to enroll to message editing on Android

While it isn’t clear when WhatsApp will roll out message editing to everyone, it’s easy enough to enroll in the Android beta to try it out right now.

You have the following options:

The first is to enroll through the public beta testing program through the Play Store. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a WhatsApp update in the Play Store, which will enroll the app into the beta program.

However, if the official beta program is full, you can always sideload the latest beta version from APK Mirror. Download WhatsApp beta v2.23.10.13 or newer, sign into WhatsApp, and you should see the edit option appear.

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