Evidential flexibility

Evidential flexibility

The UK Court of Appeal has overruled the case of Rodreguez in January 2014. This case concerned evidential flexibility in Points Based Immigration cases.

Evidential flexibility

THE implication of this ruling is that it is now more important than ever to ensure that all the necessary documents are provided in the specified format at the application stage for a permit or visa, as it is not possible to submit further documents at an appeal stage.  As a result of the Court of Appeal decision, the Home Office are under no obligation to request further documents in order to decide on an application.

It is thus crucial that every visa application is planned and checked thoroughly by a person with the necessary expertise and experience in the field of immigration. Furthermore, seemingly irrelevant or incorrect detail or omission on a visa application can lead to a visa being turned down.

Visa applicants should therefore take the utmost care to ensure they are making use of reputable immigration firms or consultants, in order to prevent the frustration of a visa being turned down, not to mention the time and expense involved in re-applying or filing an appeal.

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JP Breytenbach

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