Ever wanted to know what the top dogs at Telkom earn? Here it is

Telkom’s annual financial report is out and with it the salary details of some of the top brass. The top dogs at the company are pocketing millions while other employees face job cuts.


Here’s a breakdown of what some of the top jobs will get you at Telkom.

CEO: Sipho Maseko

Salary: R12.3m up from R11.7m in 2014

Breakdown: R7m as a guaranteed package, R5.2m as part of short-term incentive or bonus pay and R11 994 in fringe and other benefits.

Chief financial officer: Deon Fredericks

Salary: R8.6m

Breakdown: R4.2m guaranteed package, R3.2m as a short-term incentive and R1.1m in fringe and other benefits

CFO: Jacque Schindehütte (no longer working for Telkom)

Salary: R18.8m

Breakdown: Short-term incentive payment of R1.2m for the 2014 financial year. Long-term incentives for 2014 & 2015 R10.3m. Pay-out for 25 accrued leave days of R656 181.

Non-executive directors earned R8.7m in total

The company’s net revenue increased by 3.1% during the period to R26bn.

Telkom plans to axe 4000 jobs and outsource over 3000 employees for its enterprise development plan later this year. This plan is currently in limbo after trade union Solidarity took them to court.